Latest News About Roger Conover J.G. Wentworth And The Pop Culture’s Favorite Commercial

Roger Conover J.G. Wentworth is an actor who appears as the spokesman in several J.G. Wentworth commercials. Conover has been an actor since 1990. This post is dedicated to his and other actors’ appearance in pop culture’s favorite moment.

Roger currently no longer works due to his advanced age. The man has been keeping his life and career projects very low-key in recent years. In 2019, he participated in Our Noble 90’s event, hosted by Cardiology Associates of Morristown.

Roger Conover J.G. Wentworth

What do we know about the commercial actor so far? Check out these pieces of information that we have prepared.

Roger Conover actor

Roger Conover actor
Roger Conover actor

J.G. Wentworth has become a household name thanks to its commercials. Its jingle is memorable, and Roger had a hand in creating it. Roger Conover is an actor who appears as the spokesman in several J.G. Commercials for Wentworth on television. He has a Linkedin profile, but there isn’t any activity on it.

Roger Conover actor age

The actor was born in 1926 and is currently 96 years old. Unlike what many people think, the gentleman is still healthy and active in participating in small personal events. Some of the punchlines he wrote for old J.G. Wentworth commercials are still used today.

JG Wentworth Mr Wentworth Actor

Find out more about Mr. Wentworth actor here!

Who is the J.G. Wentworth guy?

Roger Conover is an actor who has played the spokesman in several J.G. Wentworth television commercials. He is known as the Wentworth guy.

What happened to the JG Wentworth guy?

J.G. Wentworth Co., famed for its “877-Cash-Now” television advertising, filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, claiming issues ranging from unsustainable financial commitments to new competitors that can quickly locate client leads online. As for the Wentworth actor, Roger is currently retired and enjoying life.

J.G. Wentworth guy dead

No actors of J.G Wentworth’s funny commercials are dead. This isn’t correct news. It was simply a joke post on a Facebook page!

No actors of J.G Wentworth's funny commercials are dead
No actors of J.G Wentworth’s funny commercials are dead

Allen Saunders JG Wentworth

The J.G. Wentworth Company has released ads completely made up of entries from its “Shot at the Spot” contest and sweepstakes. Allen Saunders is one of the winners. Saunders appears in a new advertisement that will air on major broadcast and cable networks.

JG Wentworth Commercial

JG Wentworth just released their new commercial on June 13. Watch the ad below and find out more about its cast.

JG Wentworth commercial actors

JG Wentworth introduces a new cast, leaving fans slightly thrown off. Unfortunately, there is no information about the cast.

Who sings the JG Wentworth commercial?

In the 2016 commercial, we know that Erin Kimball and her father, Mike, sang the iconic Cash Now lyrics. However, as of the newly released commercial, there is no specific information about the opera singers.

Cash now commercial lyrics

JG Wentworth’s Cash now lyrics:

I have a structured settlement and I need cash now!
Call J. G. Wentworth!
877 cash now!
I have an annuity but I need cash now!
Call J. G. Wentworth!
877 cash now!
877 cash now!
They’ve helped thousands, they’ll help you, too!
One lump sum of cash they will pay to you!
If you get long-term payments but you need cash now!
Call J. G. Wentworth!
877 cash now!
877 cash now!
877 cash now!
877 cash now!
Call J.G. Wentworth
877 cash now!
Call now!

JG Wentworth Opera Singers

The father-daughter team dressed up in Vikings gear to perform an operatic jingle for J.G. Wentworth was at the Mall of America. The judges praised their performance. Erin Kimball and her father, Mike, enjoy singing along to TV commercials.


Are J.G. Wentworth singers real?

From what we see in the commercials, the lip-syncing doesn’t look very convincing and makes it hard to know whether the singers are real. However, we are sure that the company doesn’t hold back when it comes to using actors that look like any ordinary citizen. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the singers were also the actors in the commercials.

Who wrote the JG Wentworth jingle?

The singer Evan Stephens Hall from Pinegrove claimed that his father, Doug Hall, wrote the jingle. It won’t be a massive surprise because Doug is a best-selling author, lecturer, and television and radio host.

When did the JG Wentworth commercial first air?

JG Wentworth Commerical Song 877 Cash Now song lyrics debuted in 2008 and have become a mainstay as one of the most popular but remembered commercials.

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