The One Above All VS The Presence Who Will Win?

The One Above All (TOAA) and The Presence are the most powerful beings (Gods) in the Marvel and DC universities, respectively. However, since they come from different universes, their power levels are also unequal in comparison. So, one above all vs the presence, who will be the winner? Let’s find out the answer in this article!

The One Above All (TOAA) VS The Presence – Who Is The Stronger?

The One Above All (TOOA) would be stronger than The Presence. Although they are the most powerful beings in their own universe, TOAA would defeat the Presence in this power comparison. This is because The Presence himself said that he was the creation of “external forces”, while TOAA is the one who creates everything.

There are pieces of evidence that The Presence is no stronger than the TOAA. For instance, he was tricked and outsmarted by John Constantine, and he also admitted that he isn’t the supreme being in DC and was shaped by external forces.

“True, I’m infinite and eternal. But even I was shaped by forces external to me. You know what they are.”

The external forces here would be the Writer, so it means he acknowledges that he was just a character in that universe.

The Presence was shaped by external forces
The Presence was shaped by external forces

On the other hand, The One Above All created The Living Tribunal that has the power to eliminate all of existence in the Omni-Verse. TOAA has no weakness and is definitely the most powerful and highest form of being in the Marvel Universe. In other words, TOAA is absolutely omnipotent.

TOAA is stated as the supreme creator in the Omniverse, meaning that he is responsible for keeping the safety and existence of the whole universe, including all the creations. TOAA is above the Marvel Universe. With that being meant, TOAA could be the embodiment of Marvel’s Writers.

Are The One Above All and The Presence the same person?

No, TOAA and The Presence are not the same people because they are in different Omniverse. TOAA is the supreme being of the Marvel Universe, while The Presence is the strongest character in the DC world.

However, they could be the same entity because they are both fictionalized depictions of the Deity of the Abrahamic faiths.

Who Is The One Above All?

The One Above All (TOAA) is the creator of the Marvel Multiverse, acting as the God of the Marvel world, creating all that exists in Marvel reality. TOAA is also an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent being. He is also recognized as one of the most powerful fictional characters in comic history.

TOAA created the Omniverse as the beginning of everything. After that, he created the Living Tribunal to serve as the system’s sole and highest authority and overseer.

TOAA seldom appears in the comics. His first appearance is mentioned by The Living Tribunal when Doctor Strange met his entity. The Living Tribunal also mentioned that although its power is almost infinite, it is shaped by the higher form of being, the absolute omnipotent of the Omniverse, and the creator of Marvel reality, The One Above Al.

The One Above All in Marvel
The One Above All in Marvel

How strong is The One Above All?

TOAA is the most powerful being and the omnipotent of the Marvel Omniverse. This means he has no weakness, and no one in his Omniverse, even the Beyonder, can beat him.

As mentioned above, The One Above All is an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent entity.

  • Omnipotent: Manipulate all. A character with unlimited power means that he must be the supreme and creator of the Omniverse, whose power is not limited by anything and who can do whatever he wants. The Omnipotent cannot be defeated, cannot be robbed of his strength, cannot be stronger than him, and cannot fail when he does anything.
  • Omniscience: All-wise. It can be summed up in one sentence: He knows everything and can do everything.
  • Omnipresent: Present in all places, at all times, in all realities.

In short, the power of The One Above All transcends all understandings and systems of power, or is outside and above the Marvel Universe. To explain the fact that TOAA is an omnipotent being, we can refer to the feat that TOAA is actually the avatar of the Marvel comics Writers/Creators (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), and because Writers can create the world of their comic books at will, TOAA has the power to do whatever he wants to keep the Marvel Universe running and safe.

Is The One Above All evil?

TOAA is neither a hero nor a villain. He can create and destroy anything in the Marvel Omniverse. But he seems to lean on the good side.

The One Above All possesses limitless compassion and light as the source of all good. One Above All has sometimes interacted directly with the Marvel realities through different disguises, and he likes to experience all creations “through many eyes.”

Who can beat The One Above All in Marvel?

As mentioned, no one can beat TOAA because he is the creator of all life and realities in the Marvel Omniverse. Though there is a comic in which Thanos can defeat The One Above All, that comic is non-canon. So, TOAA cannot be defeated in Marvel. 

The One Above All Power (Source: Mark Daniels - Quora)
The One Above All Power (Source: Mark Daniels – Quora)

Is The One Above All omnipotent in Marvel or DC?

The One Above All is the omnipotent being of the Marvel Universe, meaning that he has no relation to the DC Universe.

As every character has at least one weakness, how about TOAA? Does The One Above All have a weakness? The answer is that TOAA has no weakness. He is omnipotent. He can create and destroy any life in his Marvel Omniverse.

Who in the DC universe can beat The One Above All?

Though the TOAA comes from a totally different universe, his omnipotent power, like creating and destroying any creation in the Marvel Universe, I think no one in the DC Universe can beat him. TOAA is outside the Universes.

The One Above All vs Superman

I think Superman has no chance against him. In the Marvel Universe, TOAA is the most powerful being, and Superman isn’t even close. TOAA is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. He just needs a reason to erase Superman

The One Above All vs The Writer/Creator – Who Will Win?

TOAA would be the embodiment of The Writer/Creator in the Marvel World. With that being meant, TOAA is the Writers, and the Writers are TOAA. Thus, no one would win against each other.

The One Above All vs Zeno

The One Above All is far more powerful than Zeno. Because TOAA is outside of space and time, Zeno cannot erase him from existence. The One Above All is omnipotent, while Zeno is not. Moreover, Zeno cannot even touch TOAA because he is transparent.

Can Lucifer beat The One Above All?

Lucifer is a truly powerful being, and he can easily beat anyone, it’s no doubt. But the thing is that he is not omnipotent. TOAA, in contrast, is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He is a GOD of the multiverse. So, the answer is Lucifer cannot defeat The One Above All.

Can One Above All beat Darkseid?

Omnipotent TOAA would one-shot defeat Soulfire Darkseid.

Comparatively, he is not comparable to The One Above All, the highest of beings, but to those lower than him. Though Soulfire Darkseid can rip the fabric of reality, TOAA is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, which is something that Soulfire Darkseid is not. Despite Darkseid’s power, none of his attacks can defeat TOAA.

The One Above All vs God

The One Above All is God of the Marvel Universe. He created the Omniverse, created the powerful Living Tribunal. That is why TOAA is stated as GOD of the multiverse.

Yahweh vs The One Above All

The One Above All would be stronger and more powerful than Yahweh because TOAA is the creator of the Marvel Universe.

The Abrahamic monotheistic religions are ruled by Yahweh on Marvel Earth-616. Religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are under the auspices of Yahweh or his other aspects.

Michael Demiurgos vs The One Above All

I think TOAA is stronger than Michael Demiurgos. Michael Demiurgos is created by The Presence in the DC Universe. This means Demiurgos is somehow not omnipotent, but TOAA does. Thus, TOAA could win against Demiurgos. 

Overmonitor vs TOAA

Here, if Overmonitor is referred to as the Overvoid, then the Overmonitor (or Overvoid) wins against TOAA.

This is because TOAA is limited by duality. By this, it means that TOAA’s fundamental nature is to be the ultimate good in the Marvel Universe; therefore, he would need the other evil hands, the One Below All, to destroy things. On the other hand, according to Grant Morrison, The Overvoid is beyond even duality, and it is where thought dissolves into perfect unity. 

TOAA vs Elaine Belloc

TOAA is the creator of Marvel and the supreme being of Marvel. Meanwhile, Elaine Belloc in DC Universe was gifted the power the same as the Presence’s; but that power can be easily taken away by The Presence because he is the one giving her this.

So, if the creators of both Universes allow both of them to fight, TOAA would win the fight because of his omnipotence, which is even more powerful than The Presence.

Who Is The Presence?

In the DC Universe, the Presence is often presented as a fictionalized counterpart to the God of the Abrahamic religions; in particular, he is often given Christian attributes.

Although there are many pantheons of gods coexisting alongside one another in the omniverse, its religious cosmology is complex. Many religions, mythologies, and modern concepts, such as the Endless, are incorporated into it. Many forms of The Presence have existed throughout history, including The Voice, The Hand, and The Source.

How strong is the Presence?

In the DC Universe, the Presence represents the Abrahamic God. So he got the power of God like:

  • Creation Source: All multiverses in the void are born of the same cosmic energies birthed by the Presence. Multiverse works well when all its elements work in harmony with one another, as one assures motions, another feeling, another magic, etc.
  • Dimensional Travel: The Presence can instantly travel between dimensions, such as between Heaven and Hell, and outside of creation.
  • Immortality: Presence does not age and cannot be damaged by normal means.
  • Metamorphosis: At will, the Presence can transform into anyone or anything.
  • Power Distribution: Angels such as the Spectre, Eclipso, and Michael Demiurgos can be empowered by the Presence.
The Presence in DC
The Presence in DC

Who can beat the Presence In DC?

As the Presence has stated that he is “infinite and eternal,” but was “shaped by external forces,” it can be said that the Writer and the Overvoid can beat him because these two are referred to as “external forces.”

Is the Presence Omnipotent?

No, the Presence is not literally “omnipotent” because he said he was shaped by external forces, and a fallen archangel wielding a sword crafted by him could severely damage him.

Is The Presence the strongest in DC?

Though the Presence is extremely powerful, he is not the strongest in DC Universe. He can be the source of creation and power, but he was shaped by “external forces.” By “external fources,” it means the Writer and The Overvoid.

The Writer/Creator vs the Presence

The Writer is definitely omnipotent and more powerful than the Presence. He is referred to as the external force that could shape the Presence. So, the Writer or Creator is the winner in this contest.

The Presence vs the Beyonder

I think the Presence would win against the Beyonder though he is not omnipotent. The Presence in DC is comparable with The One Above All in Marvel, and they are considered the God in their universe. The Beyonder has no change compared to TOAA, so he would be defeated by the Presence.

The Source vs the Presence

Since both the Source and the Presence are outerversal characters, they would be equal.

I think the most powerful character in DC would be the Overvoid, a force so vast that even the source and presence can’t comprehend it.

Elaine Belloc vs the Presence

The Presence would be the stronger.

In DC, The God’s Omnipotence is inherent to The Presence. He used his power to create Spectre, Elaine, Lucifer, Michael, and some other powerful demi-gods. Meanwhile, Elaine received the Presence’s omnipotence when he abdicated the throne and power of Creation.

Can Lucifer beat the Presence?

The Presence is the father of Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos in the DC Multiverse. Lucifer & Michael are outerversal powerhouses because their combined energy can create entire multiverses and destroy universes. The Presence has a higher power level than both of them because he is their creator and father, and he is comparably compared to the power of the source and monitor.

Thus, Lucifer cannot beat the Presence.

Can Batman beat The Presence?

Essentially, the Presence has omnipotent powers. He is DC’s representation of God from Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism). So, it is possible for the Presence to erase the universe if he wants. Meanwhile, Batman is a mere human, not a God. So, Batman cannot beat The Presence.

The Presence vs Thanos

The Presence obliviously wins against Thanos because he is considered “The One Above All” in the DC Universe.

As The God of the DC Multiverse and the Father of Michael Demiurgos, Lucifer Morningstar, Gabriel Hornblower, and the Grandfather of Elaine Belloc, The Presence would take the lead in this encounter.

The Presence vs Darkseid

Obviously, Darkseid has no chance of defeating The Presence.

The Presence has the omnipotent power in the DC Universe. Everything in Creation is a part of his imagination.

Living Tribunal vs The Presence

I think it’s The Presence who wins this contest because he is a God in DC Universe. Meanwhile, the Living Tribunal is not God; it is created by God – TOAA and serves God. So, the Presence would have greater power than the Living Tribunal.


Who is the most powerful in DC?

The most powerful character in DC would be the external force that shapes the Presence. And it would be the Writer.

Is Stan Lee The One Above All?

In TOAA’s appearance in Marvel realities, he did not appear as Stan Lee. So, Stan Lee would not be TOAA.

Is Jack Kirby The One Above All?

Yes, Jack Kirby would be The One Above All.
This is because TOAA appeared as Jack Kirby in his few appearances, suggesting that he is a representation of the Marvel Multiverse’s comic book writers.

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