Who Does Sueharu Maru End Up With? Exact Answer Here!

One of the most interesting parts of anime is the relationships between characters. Some anime focus on these relationships and their development, while others are merely a subplot to an overall story. This makes for some excellent romances and some not-so-great ones. In this post, you can learn more about a famous light novel, OsaMake, which began serialization in 2019. Shuichi Nimaru wrote the script for the romantic comedy series, while Ui Shigure provided the illustrations.

Osamake is surprisingly well-developed (it’s a romcom with a love triangle at its center). However, there’s no clear answer to the relationship between Sueharu Maru and other characters because the series continues. Volume 6, the most recent installment of the light novel that comes in both regular and special editions, was released on February 22, 2021.

Who Does Sueharu Maru End Up With In Osamake

Sueharu Maru's girlfriend is not confirmed
Sueharu Maru’s girlfriend is not confirmed

As of right now, it is impossible to say who Sueharu Maru ends up with in Osamake. This is because manga, light novels, or anime are continuous, and the story has not yet reached its conclusion.

However, that does not mean that fans are not shipping the various characters. Some believe he will end up with Class Rep, while others think he is better suited for Shiromi. No matter who Sueharu Maru ends up with, it is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster for fans of the series.

Who does Sueharu Maru end up with in the manga?

Sueharu Maru, the manga protagonist, goes through many relationships throughout the story. However, who does he end up with in the end?

The answer is unclear. There are many possible candidates, but it seems that none of them are definitively his final choice. This leaves readers to speculate, and ship who they think would be the best match for him.

Who does Sueharu Maru end up with in the light novel?

The series is known for its twists and turns, so it’s no surprise that the ending is just as unpredictable. While it’s unclear who Sueharu Maru ends up with in the end, we can speculate based on the novel’s events.

It’s possible that Sueharu Maru ends up with Kuroha Shida, his childhood friend for whom he’s always had feelings. 

Sueharu Maru: Brief Introduction

Sueharu Maru in anime
Sueharu Maru in anime

The lead male character in the Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy series is Sueharu Maru. He is a compassionate boy who can still think about his pals under difficult circumstances. His entire self is focused on making other people happy, and he is straightforward, compassionate, and fast with his remarks.

However, Haru has several weaknesses, such as a poor sense of spatial awareness and a tendency to act impulsively when very emotional. Additionally, he has low self-esteem and doesn’t think of himself as attractive. Due to his continued immaturity, Sueharu occasionally exhibits indecent behavior. He is particularly vulgar towards Rena and Midori.

Sueharu’s exceptional acting abilities were well-known when he was younger. “The Child Actor Prodigy” was his moniker. He first encountered Shirokusa Kachi when he was young, and they later became friends.

Due to the time they spent together and his enthusiasm for his career, she fell in love with him. He also met Maria Momosaka, who he later hired as his pupil. His mother’s accidental death caused his acting career to end.

After that, his acting career came to an end since he was too traumatized to perform in front of an audience for many years. However, because of Sueharu’s unparalleled acting abilities, numerous businesses and studios are working on getting him back.

In his first year of high school, Sueharu decides to confess to Shiro at the Confession Festival. However, he is devastated when he finds out she already has a boyfriend.

Kuroha Shida, a different childhood friend who had confessed to him a month earlier but been rejected since he had already fallen in love with Shiro, consoled him. Sueharu consents to play along with their plot to exact revenge on Abe and Shiro by pretending that he and Kuro are leaving.

Osamake: How Does It End?

There is a theory that Sueharu successfully captured the authentic conclusion for his popular series Child King after one-on-one interviews with Shirokusa, Kuroha, and Momosaka. In the epilogue, Sueharu has been unconscious and has fallen asleep for the past six years. Momosaka and Shirokusa were stunningly positioned at the entrance as Kuroha awoke next to him.

These are just predicted plots in Osamake Season Finale: Love is War Until the End.

Osamake manga ending

The manga series Osamake will end soon, but it’s not over yet. The ending of the series will be bittersweet, but it’s not the end of the story. There are still many things that the characters need to figure out, and there are still many stories to be told.

Osamake light novel ending

There have even been manga adaptations of the story of Osamake as well as light novel adaptations that are being released right now, and the story hasn’t even reached its end yet. Six volumes of the light novels have been made available thus far, and further volumes will be issued in the coming months.


What is the relationship between Sueharu and Shiro?

Shiro was a great admirer of Sueharu, and after meeting him as a present from her father, they became friends and promised to make a movie together. Unfortunately, they drifted apart owing to his career, and once his mother died, he stopped performing.

Why did Kuroha Shida reject Maru?

One day Kuroha Shida, a childhood friend, confessed her feelings to Maru, but he rejected her since he was in love with Shirokusa Kachi, a well-liked student novelist.

Is Osamake a happy ending?

The ending of this series is still unknown, so you can only wait for the newest announcement. 


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