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What episode does Thriller Bark end? One Piece has been around for so many years with dozens of epic arcs. Sometimes, it gets too hectic to follow the progress of the anime if you don’t constantly watch it. So, we will tell you when the Arc starts and ends so you can locate it easier in this giant body of work!

Short answer: Thriller Bark starts in episode 337 and ends in episode 381. The total count of episodes is 45. This Arc is relatively short compared to many others like Dressrosa or Wano. The animation quality already became Full HD at this point of the anime. 

How Long Is Thriller Bark?

Thriller Bark is a short arc. You can find out the length of this old arc in the storyline here!

What episode does Thriller Bark end?

The Arc ends in episode 381 with Luffy noticing the piece of paper that Ace gave him started burning. This is a sign that Ace was in danger and probably needed help. But Luffy didn’t go after him because he thought he would interrupt Ace’s journey.

The Straw Hat Pirates later sail again with the Going Merry with Brook on the board as the new member. At the end of episode 381, we see the crew celebrating the participation of Brook with a round of beer before Going Merry flies to the sky.

Brook joined the Straw Hats
Brook joined the Straw Hats

What chapter does Thriller Bark end?

In the manga, the last chapter of Thriller Bark is 489. It was released on February 25, 2008. This was a special arc since it welcomed the 9th member of the Straw Hats: Brook.

When does Thriller Bark start?

Thriller Bark starts at chapter 442 in the manga and at episode 337 in the anime. The first manga chapter of the Arc was released in 2007, while the first anime ep aired in 2008.

What Episode Do The Straw Hats Get Their Shadows Back?

One of the most curious points about the plotline of Thriller Bark is that the Straw Hats lose their shadows along the way. Do they reclaim their shadows at the end? Find out here!

What episode does Luffy get his shadow back?

In episode 375, The Endless Crisis! With orders to Obliterate the Straw Hat Crew, Luffy and his other crewmates get their shadows back, including Zoro, Sanji and Robin. The crew later fought Kuma, who was attacking them under the order of the World Government.

What episode does Sanji get his shadow back?

Sanji gets his shadow back in episode 375.

What episode does Zoro get his shadow back?

Zoro gets his shadow back in episode 375.

What episode does Brook get his shadow back?

In episode 338, the crew realizes that Brook doesn’t have a shadow. Usopp and Chopper were with Brook in front of the mirror, and Brook was the only one without a reflection in the mirror. In episode 362, Brook finally got his shadow back. He can now travel with the Straw Hats and be a part of the crew. He is no longer stuck on the lonely ship of his old crew Laboon and can finally move on.

The crew realizes that Brook doesn't have a shadow
The crew realizes that Brook doesn’t have a shadow

What Happens In Thriller Bark Arc?

What exactly happened in this introduction of the new character arc? Find out more about One Piece’s characters and storyline in this Arc.

One Piece Thriller Bark characters

Which characters appear in the Thriller Bark Arc? Here is a short list of every character that has appeared:

  • The first 7 Straw Hats
  • Brook
  • Gecko Moria
  • Ryuma
  • Hildon
  • Lola
  • Oars
  • Kuma
  • Blackbeard
  • Hogback
  • Absalom

Who does Luffy fight in Thriller Bark?

In Thriller Bark, Luffy has to fight Oars, a giant buffalo-like monster that consumed Luffy shadow and gained some of his power. They had an epic fight where Luffy had to take in 100 shadows and become Nightmare Luffy. The contrast in their size is still amusing. Luffy became a giant that towered over the crewmates, but he still was tiny compared to Oars.

Luffy gained so much power in this scene that he could blow an unstoppable punch that sent Oars, an enemy that is a few hundred times bigger than him, into the air. Here is the footage!

Who does Zoro fight in Thriller Bark?

Zoro fought against Ryuma in the Thriller Bark Arc. Shimotsuki Ryuma was a legendary, world-famous warrior from the Shimotsuki Family. He was admired for his swordsmanship, earning him the Sword God title.

Did Zoro die in Thriller Bark?

Noooo. Zoro didn’t die after all since we still see him continuing his adventure with the Straw Hats these days. Our amazing character has to become the strongest swordsman first before anything. So we won’t have to say goodbye to him anytime soon.

Can I Skip Thriller Bark Arc?

Technically, you can. But it’s always nice to see a new character introduced to the crew. Like most other crewmates of the Straw Hats, Brook has a tragic backstory that will leave tears in your eyes. Thriller Bark will reveal everything you need to know about Brook and what made him a skeleton like he is now.

Our suggestion: Don’t miss it! It’s a lighthearted arc with an excellent plotline. You will see the zombie version of Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, etc. Luffy will also be possessed by 100 shadows and become Nightmare Luffy! The arc will entertain you just enough for you to giggle every time you think about it unless you dwell on Brook’s past…

Thriller Bark is a lighthearted arc with an excellent plotline
Thriller Bark is a lighthearted arc with an excellent plotline


What episode is Thriller Bark?

Thriller Bark runs from episode 337 to 381.

How long is Spa Island Arc?

The Spa Island Arc is only 3 episodes long. Viewers can watch from episode 382 to 384 to enjoy this filler arc.

What arc is before Thriller Bark?

Ice Hunter Arc is the arc before the Thriller Bark.

Is Thriller Bark arc filler?

No, this arc is part of the main storyline.

What arc is after Thriller Bark?

Spa Island Arc follows the Thriller Bark Arc.

What is Thriller Bark arc year of release?

It was released in 2007 for manga and in 2008 for anime.

Which are the longest arcs in One Piece?

The anime version of Thriller Bark was aired in 2008.

Is Thriller Bark after Water 7?

No, Water 7 includes all episodes between 229-263. So, it was aired long before the apparition of the first chapter of Thriller Bark’s manga version.

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