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Body modification that involves introducing objects into human bodies is called industrial piercing. There are several reasons why it might be done. In addition to getting piercings for aesthetic purposes, some people also obtain them for religious or other motivations. A professional body piercer typically performs a person’s piercing. But several people become worried when felt hurt by their piercing. This article will show you the answer to “why does my industrial piercing hurt after 2 years?”.

Why Does My Industrial Piercing Hurt After 2 Years?

It depends on a few factors. Here are two reasons you can think about.

How did you pierce your ear? It’s crucial that you should only have a professional use a needle to pierce you—never a piercing gun! The jewelry is essentially forced into the ear with piercing guns because they can’t be disinfected.

The type of jewelry that was or is currently in your ear. Titanium is the best-preferred substance. There is almost little chance of an allergic reaction when wearing store-bought jewelry unless it is from a particular brand.

Moreover, it also depends on your sleeping patterns, the location of your ear piercing, and aftercare for your ears.

When Does An Industrial Piercing Stop Hurting?

Why does my industrial piercing still hurt after a year?

It’s almost likely after two years. You can meet the symptom every year after piercing. It’s like an alert warning you about how you are taking care of your body and your piercing. It may harm your health if you realize it too late.

Why does my industrial piercing hurt after six months?

Six months is not too long and not too fast. But you should double-check your piercing once six months like every other body part to avoid early symptoms of bump or keloid. But you shouldn’t worry. Just come to the clinic and request checking.

Does industrial piercing hurt after a week?

Yes. A metal bar was just forced through two holes that were just made in your ears. Naturally, it will still hurt some days later. 

Due to the location, industrial piercings are infamous for being difficult to heal. In addition, it’s one piece of jewelry in two different holes, which makes it much easier to be bumped around and other things, and you’re cutting through more than just skin — the cartilage — in a location with little blood flow, lots of opportunities to be irritated, and to top it all off.

But it was worth it. They appear fantastic so don’t worry too much and enjoy.

Why Is My Industrial Piercing Sore?

why does my industrial piercing hurt after 2 years
How the artist piercing you.

After getting pierced, it’s typical for an industrial piercing to sting for a while. Some ear cartilage piercings cause discomfort for up to 6 months. Your stage of recovery will determine how long you feel pain or tenderness around your industrial piercing. For instance, your ear may throb continually when you first get a piercing, but after a few months, it might only hurt if you accidentally sleep on that side.

How do I get my industrial piercing to stop hurting? 

You may do a few things to lessen your discomfort as your body heals. Spray some Recovery Saline Solution or similar top-notch sea salt-based solution on your ear when it starts to feel hot and throb to cool and soothe the irritated skin.

If you can handle it, you can also take some Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. Although it’s not advised, you can apply a cold water compress to your ear if you only use the washcloth once and wash it right away. Avoid ringing out the washcloth, rewetting it, and applying it more than once because doing so could spread bacteria to the piercing site.

How long does it take for an industrial to fully heal?

The typical healing period for an industrial piercing is six months. But everyone’s healing time is different. Everybody recovers at a different pace. Your practices for aftercare and general health will determine this. There are numerous arrangements for industrial piercings, so it also depends on your type.

Infected cartilage piercing 

cartilage piercing
Pretty cartilage piercing.

Compared to other ear piercings, cartilage piercings, especially those high on the ear, are more prone to infection. This is so because these piercings are frequently placed nearer to your hair.

Here are something you should do if you are irritated with the infected cartilage piercing:

  • Avoid handling or taking off the jewelry.
  • Two to three times a day, clean the area.
  • Use a hot compress.
  • Apply tea tree oil diluted.
  • Avoid using creams or antibiotics that are available over the counter.

Industrial bar pain 

An industrial piercing is the same as an industrial bar piercing. Other names for this kind of piercing are scaffold piercing, industrial barbell piercing, and construction piercing. You may encounter the term “bar” used to describe this kind of piercing in England, Ireland, and other parts of the UK. When you feel hurt in industrial bar piercing, follow this list:

  • Shampoo your hair daily or every other day to keep it clean.
  • Don’t use dry shampoo. These could fall out of your hair and become stuck in a piercing.
  • Instead of headphones, use earbuds.
  • Carefully use hair products. When using sprays, be sure to protect your ears with a piece of paper or another barrier.
  • Change your bedding at least once every other week and your pillowcases once a week.

Infected helix piercing

Cleaning your piercing is crucial, but it’s only one step in a more comprehensive care regimen.

You can lessen the quantity of dirt and bacteria that enter the piercing by developing the ability to assess anything that might come into touch with your ear and make adjustments accordingly. Don’t forget to apply some ways I mentioned above.

How Long Does It Take For Industrial Bumps To Go Away? 

When can you stop cleaning your industrial piercing?

Continue to care for it as you normally would. After three months, I started soaking my piercing for 20 minutes in hot water with a cotton pad soaked in tea tree oil. I would then place the cotton pad over my piercing. Also, avoid sleeping on it at all costs, as this aggravates it. The numbness on mine vanished within a few weeks after I discovered that the tea tree had dried it out.

Should I twist my industrial piercing while healing? 

should I twist my industrial piercing while healing
Having a perfect piercing is several people’s dream.

No. Except while cleaning, avoid twisting or touching it. Also, don’t clean it too well.

Let your body naturally do what it does. First, your immune system doesn’t want the jewelry to be there. Therefore, the entire healing process is set up so that your skin heals away from the barbell rather than onto it.

Twisting it will only result in needless suffering, a slower healing process, and a higher risk of infection. You don’t want to delay the healing process because it will already hurt and take a very long time. Simply adhere to the aftercare instructions, keep it dry, and refrain from touching it to promote speedy and effective healing.


Do industrial piercings ever fully heal?

Healing typically takes two to three months, although it could take longer. Before ceasing your aftercare regimen, check with your piercer to be sure you are completely healed.

Are you supposed to twist an industrial piercing?

After getting a new piercing, one of your initial urges may be to play with the jewelry by twisting it back and forth. This impulse should be resisted, especially if you already feel adverse effects.

Why are industrial piercings hard to heal?

Due to the large gauge and multiple points involved.


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